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We all have different ways of working and all of them contribute to the way in which our bodies hold and manage tension. Repetitive positions that are held for a long time or repetitive movements can cause muscles to shorten and tighten leading to a gradual increase in discomfort.

In this 2 hour workshop, we will focus on ways to release tension in the neck and shoulders by targeting the most common muscles that cause tension in these areas.

We will explore how to use the breath to turn on your relaxation response in the body and how to recognize the affects of tension through body sensing.
A series of yoga postures and somatic movement will be used to progressively relax the muscles that collect tension on a daily basis.

The workshop will end with a guided meditation to help you relax more deeply and allow your body and mind to absorb your practice.

No yoga experience necessary.

Sunday 7 March


Online via Zoom

£18 if you book before 28 February, £20 thereafter.



To book your place, please email

All events are subject to the  Moving Into Stillness Terms and Conditions.

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